Professional Background


Exeter University, Computer Science and Maths


While I was only at university for a year, I still managed to get a lot out of it learning about the fundamentals of programming and computer systems; in addition, I took part in various clubs, from Ski Club to Maths Society. However, I decided that university was not for me as it was very theory based and I want to actually code, also I found that I was learning better on my own than from lectures so I decided to leave and go a different path.

King's Canterbury


King’s is where I took my GCSE’s and A-levels. For A-levels I took Maths, Further Maths and Physics receiving A*AB respectively. Every year I would do the British Maths Olympiad always achieving gold or silver, and in my last years I did both Sevenoaks Code-Breaking Challenge and Southampton University Cipher Challenge. Also, I always kept up with sports, playing everything from Hockey to Badminton.


Full-Stack Web Developer Course

Makers Academy, 2014-2015

MA is probably one of the hardest and best things I ever did; it is an intense coding course that really pushes you to your limits. This gave me a very solid foundation for coding which allowed me to get my first coding jobs.

Women in Leadership

Coursea, Case Western Reserve University, 2015

I took this online course as it is aimed to help women (and men) to engage in purposeful career development and I am in the early stages of my career. It turned out to be a great stepping stone to my future goals, and helped me to figure out where I want to go.

Responsive Web Design

Skillcrush, 2015

People search online on their phone, and the numbers are only growing. After I realized this I knew it was essential to learn how to make beautiful web pages that are responsive to mobile phones and tablets, which is why I am currently taking this course.

Calculus One

Coursea, Ohio State University, 2015

This online course teaches the fundamentals of higher calculus. I already studied most of it at university, but I wanted a refresher.

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