Diva Ski

For me this has been an ongoing project for the last few months. Having previously created the website for the clients in wix, I am currently coding a new one for them. While the new site will be very similar it will be more responsive. The technologies that I am using to create this are PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Bootstrap, Javascript and JQuery to name a few.

Mark Huckerby and NIck Ostler

Huckerby & Ostler are an Emmy and BAFTA-nominated writing partnership and with a new book coming out they needed a new website. Technologies used were HTML, CSS, PHP, Bootstrap etc.

Link Up Battersea

Link Up Battersea brings together volunteers willing to share their professional skills with local charities, and they needed a website which could display opportunities that volunteers could search through. While I originally set out to use Node and MongoDB this turned into a PHP project for various reasons. Other technologies used were HTML, CSS, Bootstrap etc.

I am ME

The challenge was to create a website, that could be shown to potential investors, within 10 days. Including me, we were a team of five. The clients who bought us this project had already made various frameworks and had a solid vision of what the site would look like. We used various technologies including HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Ruby, Rails and RSpec.

GeoLocation Tracker

This was a small project that I did just to learn more about APIs and API keys. For this I used the Google maps API to gather the users location and display the information. The technologies I used were HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Weather Checker

The reason for making this website was simply to put my PHP skills to the test. I used PHP to scrape information from a weather website so that the information was easily accessible. The technologies I used were Bootstrap, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript.


This was a group-based project that took us 4 days to make. During this project I learnt about the physics of gaming and frameworks by using Phaser, a HTML5 game framework. I also made the logo. A few technologies I used were JQuery, Node, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

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